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How to make fingerless mittens from socks

Hi everyone – sorry to have neglected you lately!

Although it is getting (rapidly) warmer here in Melbourne (35degC today), I’ve been reading lots of lovely blogs from the northern hemisphere and have a very quick craft project that might be of interest to readers from that part of the world.

During the winter just gone, I needed a new pair of fingerless mittens to keep my hands warm while I was typing or otherwise working, and was unable to find what I wanted, no matter how hard I looked. Because I have psoriatic arthritis, regular fingerless gloves and mittens put pressure in the wrong places, and make my hands very uncomfortable, so I get very fussy.


Then, while folding the washing, I came across a way to solve my need for mittens, and to use up socks whose feet had disintegrated beyond the hope of darning…


In my case, I used one pink and one blue-striped sock, because I re-fashioned the other disintegrating pink sock into an iPod cozy for Meg, and couldn’t find the pair to the blue sock… They were identical socks, except for the colour, so the mittens have ended up sort-of looking like a pair.

As you can see above, I cut the feet from the socks and just used the leg part for my mittens. For ease of construction and to make them look as neat as I could, I kept the bands, and these became the cuffs around the wrists.


I then cut a small curved piece out of each sock, about half way between the cuff and the cut edge, for my thumbs to fit through.


… then I rolled the top edge down so that the glove was the right length. The cuff that was formed by doing this hid the raw edge of the sock, and formed a gentle cushion at the base of my fingers.


Not elegant, perhaps, but a good use for old socks and very, very comfortable for cold, sore hands. Aaaaah!

I didn’t feel the need to line them or finish the edges – after all, they are just for knocking around, not for going out in – but if you did, it would be a simple matter to make a polar fleece or interlock lining which could be attached using blanket stitch for a decorative finish. Just make sure, if you do line them, to put any seams in the lining where they won’t annoy you, like on the back of your hands.




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