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Small sweets

Amigurumi bird and fimo panda

My latest passion is amigurumi, having discovered it recently when I was searching the net for crochet patterns.

I love that the animals are small and cute and quick to crochet, so that a lot can be achieved in a few spare minutes here and there. And lets face it, sometimes that is all the time we can find!

I came across the pattern for this dear little bird at BitterSweet, and couldn’t resist it. It was a wonderful introduction to this style of crocheting. Meg named her Custard because of her colour.

Next to Custard is a little panda Meg made out of polymer clay. To put them in perspective, Custard is about 7.5cm (3in) tall. The little panda is sitting inside a thimble, and stands at about 1.5cm (5/8in) tall. She made this on the same day she made these dogs.

Here she is in close-up, although still hiding inside the thimble!


Apple the panda



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