Hello, and welcome to Whatsername & Thingummybob.

This is a craft blog to document and share some of the projects that we are working on, and, like some of the projects, is a joint effort between my 14 year old daughter and I.

Meg is a natural designer and illustrator and is never without a pen in her hand, drawing on any scraps of paper that aren’t nailed down, or at the computer playing with the graphics tablet. She has her own blog My Peach Tree, which is all about her crafty activities and full of her sweet illustrations.

I am not a designer, but have a passion for photography, sewing, crocheting, printing, dyeing, bookbinding – and the list goes on. I have to be making something, all the time, or I feel physically sick. I’ve been called a ‘dillettante and a dabbler’ because I don’t settle on one thing, but for me it is about the variety of activities as much as the actual making.

I love trying new crafts and learning new skills – and was indulged and encouraged from a very early age to try anything that took my fancy. That meant learning candle making and crochet at age nine; sewing and wax casting at ten; screen printing at 11, and so on. I had the best childhood you could possibly imagine – always learning and making and doing, and have been overjoyed that Meg shares my love of all things crafty.

I’m glad that we now have the opportunity to share a few things with you.



PS The header image is one of Meg’s, from an illustration called ‘picture book owl’, though the owl is out of view here.


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