Don’t think, just do it!

School holidays (which ended here in Victoria a week ago) coincided with me finishing a big editing job and gave me the opportunity to spend the time with Meg, just enjoying myself. I really wanted to make something big, and had a yen to do some sewing, so I started poring over blog posts and books looking for inspiration.

I have a tendency to over-think projects – sometimes to the point of paralysis – and didn’t want to be caught up in so much planning and preparing that I didn’t actually achieve anything, but ended up just wasting my time.

So, I decided I’d make a quilt. Inspired by a young friend who spent a couple of days sewing with us on the previous holidays, and who made a quilt pretty much from start to finish in that two week period (without any sewing experience), I resolved not to over-think it, just to do it.

The pictures here show the development of my quilt, which measures approximately 48″ square, and was made out of fat quarters from my stash. No shopping; minimal planning; quick cutting and tearing of the pieces, and the top came together really quickly. The colour-combination worked out even better than I had hoped, too.

Once all the blocks were assembled I laid them out on the dining table to work out the best arrangement…

And here is the finished (untrimmed and only partly pressed) top, waiting to be backed. It was based on the pattern shown, from a book called “Quick and Easy Projects for the Weekend Quilter”.

I’m off to assemble the quilt-sandwich and start basting, but before I go I wanted to show you two treats I received during the two week break.

The first treat was my first-ever harvest of lemons. After years of nursing my lemon tree along and maybe getting one small lemon if I was lucky, this year we have so many that I think I will have to freeze lemon juice for use later in the year – otherwise we are going to become enormous from eating too much Lemon Delicious pudding or Syrup cake (both of which I love more than I can tell you!).

My second treat (for taking Meg and supervising her and her friends for a two hour session of Laser Tag), was a tray of gingerbread with a message (above). Eating someone’s words has never tasted so good!

Have a good night!


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