Small sweets

Amigurumi bird and fimo panda

My latest passion is amigurumi, having discovered it recently when I was searching the net for crochet patterns.

I love that the animals are small and cute and quick to crochet, so that a lot can be achieved in a few spare minutes here and there. And lets face it, sometimes that is all the time we can find!

I came across the pattern for this dear little bird at BitterSweet, and couldn’t resist it. It was a wonderful introduction to this style of crocheting. Meg named her Custard because of her colour.

Next to Custard is a little panda Meg made out of polymer clay. To put them in perspective, Custard is about 7.5cm (3in) tall. The little panda is sitting inside a thimble, and stands at about 1.5cm (5/8in) tall. She made this on the same day she made these dogs.

Here she is in close-up, although still hiding inside the thimble!


Apple the panda



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3 responses to “Small sweets

  1. Hi Karen,

    I just found your blog, and I am a recent convert to the amigurumi crochet world! I was wondering what you used for the eyes? I love working on these little critters, I’m going to make a few for my granddaughter.

  2. Hi Karen,

    I got your response over at my blog, thanks for getting back to me on that. I tried using small circles of velvet for the eyes, but… didn’t really work 😉 Thanks for the link to suncatchereyes, I’ll definitely check them out.

  3. maryjblog

    Hi, Didge – it’s me, MJB, with a quick hint re: assembling the amigurumi dolls if you’re making ’em for the baby –

    when you attach the arms (legs? paws) to the body, leave a strand of yarn attached that is long enough to pull through the entire body, then use the other end to sew on the other arm to the opposite side of the body – that way if one limb comes loose, it will remain anchored by the other one, and the baby can’t pop it off and stick it in her mouth. If you use buttons for eyes, you can do the same thing w/eyes and ears : leave a long strand of yarn, pull it thru the head, and use it to sew on the ear.

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